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Premiere: Little Boots - No Pressure (Dreamtrak Remix)

CEO Botitas and London producer Dreamtrak are comin' for us 'ard with this sicknin' remix of No Pressure! Ya'll better have your wig glued on tight and stick a bobby pin in thurr while you're at it! Lovin' the sharp edges of this remix, the drum machine is everything and mixes so nicely with LB's clipped vocal style in the verses and then that heavenly bridge and pumping chorus. The Working Girl album era has given us some really cool remixes so no wonder a whole remix project is underway. The Remixes Part 1 drops September 4th. ENJOY! 


Premiere: Black Atlass - Haunted Paradise

Lovin' the Haunted Paradise Black Atlass has created for himself and his beloved. Released as the first of three stand alone singles on Fools Gold this is pure gold. It's warm and enticing yet elusive and holds you at a distance. Love it! It's so silky and smooth and then the ending just slows it down and distorts the veneer. Top notch!  


Premiere: The Weeknd Feat. Lana Del Rey - Prisoner 

Honestly, this is one of the best tracks of the year so far! The combined darkness of The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey is simply exquisite and made us a Prisoner in an instant. It sounds so contemporary yet so timeless. It's so effortless and elegant even that we have a hard time focusing on any element that we like the best. It's so perfect! The Weeknd's much hyped debut album Beauty Behind The Madness was released early over the weekend after leaking in full. Make sure to listen to it in full as it's destined to the top of 2015's best of lists! Enjoy!


Premiere: Chet Faker - Killswitch

We're forever mesmerized by the music of Chet Faker. The sparse and mellow beats & production paired with that gorgeous voice - wow. Killswitch is no exception + it's the base for his amazing 1998. At first only officially released on the Japanese edition of his debut album Built On Glass last year it's now getting a wider release. The moody vibe and distorted vocals with that lone piano is really effective and it scared the ish out of us that his 2nd album isn't aready here. :l  


Free Download: The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Fear Of Dawn Remix)

We bet The Weeknd at least feels a slight tingle as Can't Feel My Face went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100! Sydney duo Fear Of Dawn re-works the original into a piano house anthem that we're definitely feeling. It sounds fun and the added elements really pops in the mix, perfect for any party! Enjoy!