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Free Download: Dolly Parton - Jolene (Todd Terje Remix)

Last year we posted this beaut of a bootleg of Dolly Parton's iconic 1973 hit now turned evergreen - Jolene. Here's a new one from Norwegian superhero DJ Todd Terje! The stellar and instantly recognizable guitar riff shines in what seems like an endless loop. We're getting some trippy vibes from a superb cocktail bar where the drinks are long and the tears taste of champagne. Imagine a full Dolly remix album utilizing the original acapella tracks and original stems - we'd be flying! Go grab the download below, enjoy! 


Premiere: Björk - Notget (Lotic Remix)

It's crazy how you can go from missing someone is the best way possible to have the longing shift into severe pain. Björk's Vulnicura album is an odyssey into major heartache and devastation and has truly transfixed us. Thus it's more than fitting that the first official remix is a piercing treatment of Notget by Berlin based Lotic. (His name meaning flowing water, how extra perfect here.) It comes with sharp edges and makes for an uncomfortable listen. It's fragmented and direct, it makes us want to cry and the poetry of the lyrics paired with the slithering beat is really striking. The softer elements in the original are swept away with the sadness and the tide. Listen below! Thoughts?

We carry the same wound
But have different cures
Similar injuries 
But opposite remedies

I will not forget 
This notget
Will you not regret
Having love let go


Premiere: Róisín Murphy - Jealousy (House Mix)

When it rains, it pours! In this case it's raining $$$ billz on us as there is even more new Róisín Murphy! After last week's Hairless Toys announcement and new single Gone Fishing we're getting a one off house 12" that won't be on the album. Hell yas, baby! Get ready for Jealousy, baby! This is the A-side of the vinyl and is known as the "House mix". The b-side is called "Disco mix" and we cannot wait to hear what kind of beat will back Ró up for that one. Co-written and produced by noted DJ Parrot it's a tight and bumpy ride with a dark bassline, vocal loops and a main vox that just won't quit. Love it! The vinyl is out on March 16th via mega DJ Damian Lazarus' label Crosstown Rebels. Niiiice! And oh yeah, this project is mixed by legendary producer/DJ Eric Kupper. Ró sure knows how to pick 'em and it's so damn good to have her back in full force. Enjooooy! Thoughts?!  


Premiere: Jessie Ware - Champagne Kisses (TCTS Remix)

Jessie Ware really knows how make us crazy, haha. She's so talented and awesome and then some! Along comes the first official remix of her stunning Champagne Kisses by Manchester based Sam O'Neill a.k.a. TCTS and drives us wild This joy filled house treatment is one of the best of the whole Tough Love album era! That's really saying something since there are so many ace mixes from this era out already. We especially love how Jessie's soaring chorus meets with the mad catchy piano and that jumping bassline! They were made for each other for sure. Awesome start to the weekend. Have fun! 


Madonna VS. Disclosure Feat. Sam Smith - Latch To Love

Wow, this sounds really awesome! Madonna's Rebel Heart lead single Living For Love has proved to be a real grower and we especially lover the gospel influences paired with that house beat. How awesome then to hear Sam Smith's soulful vocals from his 2012 Disclosure collaboration - Latch over it! The MDNA beat really suits Sam's voice; imagine a full collaboration between all three acts! *death drops* Since this mashup is so seamless this kinda needs to happen in the nearest of futures! Thank you DJ V-Sigma for this pleasure. Listen + download below. Enjooy!