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Premiere: Giorgio Moroder Feat. Britney Spears - Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega Cover)

Giorgio Moroder has teamed up with Britney Spears to cover Suzanne Vega's ultimate classic Tom's Diner for his 74 is the new 24 album. First of all - WOW - secondly - how would you even do the original justice? The original written in 1981 was first released in 1984 and then got a major release in 1987 as the album opener on Suzanne's second album, landmark release, Solitude Standing. The acapella track was then in 1990 remixed by DNA and turned into a club smash. Some fun facts about this song is that the real Tom's Diner was later fictionalized in Seinfeld as the hangout Monk's Cafe. PLUS - and this major - it's also called the 'mother of the mp3' as Karlheinz Brandenburg, one of the contibutors to the mp3 creation, used the original version of Suzanne's acapella to make sure the compression was working. We love that this new version will bring this rich history into a new crowd - but we can't help to think that we'd have LOVED a new Moroder/Spears track instead of a cover. Imagine a true SMASH of epic proportions with them at the helm. This isn't bad at all, and it's nice to hear a Spears vox not totally beaten to death, haha. Listen below; thoughts?



Free Download: Ji Nilsson - I'm Her (Ushua Bootleg)

Ji Nilsson's soulful I'm Her gets treated to a bootleg remix and it's sicknin'! Bootlegger Ushua adds sharp edges and a darkness that is most intruiging. Like staring into dark waters and wondering what's hidden beneath the surface. The down pitched vocals really add to the mystery and the rumbling bassline and glimmers of other sounds are perfect. Love it!     


Introducing: Elias - Revolution 

Wow, wow, wow! Swedish rising star Elias has got some pipes! At 19 and still in high school in Stockholm he's got the depth and richness to his tone that makes him sound like a soul legend years into a career. Love it! And if that wasn't enough - he can soar too in a gentle and higher register. Debut single, self-penned Revolution sets the bar high and no wonder he opened for Seinabo Sey over the weekend just passed. Both have voices that grab you and never lets go. Coming from Tensta Gospel Choir he's used to improvising and we cannot wait to hear more. Listen below and read his inteview (in Swedish) with daily newspaper DN here. ENJOY; thoughts? Thank you Karin!   


Premiere: Florence + The Machine - As Far As I Could Get

For Record Store Day this Saturday just passed Florence + The Machine released a limited edition blue heavy weight vinyl of her What Kind Of Man. The How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful lead single is joined by brand new b-side As Far As I Could Get and honestly this is amazing and sounds like classic Flo. Love the bassline intro followed by old school military drums and that gorgeous voice singing softly at first and building up to a soaring chorus. Love it - what a gem!  


Stream: BBC RADIO 6 - An Extended Evening with Róisín Murphy

What a treasure trove for (electronic) music lovahs! More than a full hour of Róisín Murphy selecting her favourite tracks, talking about them and chatting about her own body of work and reminiscing about her time in Moloko. She's so sharp and funny and god damn, we love self-reflexive humor so much. Her first album in 8 years, Hairless Toys, is out on May 11th and we officially cannot wait! Enjoooy the next 70 (!) minutes below!