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Name checked in Chloe Sevigny - March  Mixtape Library!




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Video Premiere: FKA twigs - Video Girl

We had a blast at FKA twigs' Copenhagen concert last week. Too awesome, and a massive crowd! And so damn hot, literally. We were melting from the get go. One of the crowd favourites was Video Girl - the true story of FKA as Tahliah Debrett Barnett making her way through a slew of UK pop videos just a few years ago. Like this one for instance. Here's the visuals to her tale and WOW, this is all kinds of intense. Starting off with the unsettling Preface from her stunning LP1 album, we get a glimpse of sheer horror as her lover (?) is prepared to be executed. With that terror firmly in place Video Girl kicks off and twigs dances around the strapped down man. Travi$ Scott turns up like a demon with a mouth full of blood. WOW, it's a lot to take in. An idea popped into our head watching. It could be about truly letting go of the past, moving forward and experience all the hurt and perhaps guilt of heading in a new direction. Plus a truly ironic twist to the sexiness of standard pop videos. Humping a man strapped down on death row is a theme not found in yer Katy Perry's or Taylor Swift's! Thoughts?


Video Premiere: Sinéad O'Connor - 8 Good Reasons

We love Sinéad O'Connor and 8 Good Reasons is one of our favourite tracks from her I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss era. The depth and raw frankness is palpable. Beautiful and devestating all in one go. Also, how amazing to see her dressed in clerical clothing since she was ordained in 1999. We love the idea with the bus filled with people from all walks of life sharing a space, moving forward together and having the amazing Irish scenery right outside. It's so hard to stare your own pain straight in the eyes, but if you do, the truth will set you free. We sure hope Sinéad sees more than nine reasons to stick around - we're sure a whole bunch in her corner. Also, we had a feelin' the bus is heading straight to a church with a congregation filled to the brim with unconditional love.  


Premiere: Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Erm, we might have to rename the blog to Lana Says Relax, and that's fine by us. Keep new mixes comin' plz! Lana Del Rey, her cool Brooklyn Baby boyfriend, Lou Reed, the feathers in her hair, beat poetry and hydroponic weed gets an electronic makeover by cool Parisian Monsieur Adi. Yas, the bohemian chic, hippie-esque quality of the original gets replaced by a sleek, shiny, hard surface with sharp edges and bright light. We really like juxtaposition of the laid-back vocals with the brooding synths and a pace that is not in a hurry for a mix like this. Too nice! Enjoy!   


Premiere: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - True Faith (New Order Cover)

New Order's brilliant 1987 single and video True Faith are iconic pieces of music and visuals. There's joy and darkness intertwined and under the goofy and catchy surface lies painful truths about hard drug dependency. Bernard Sumner's voice is truly magical and the way he delivers the lyrics with such an icy cool is beyond good. That brings us to another singer famed for her coolness. Sophie Ellis-Bextor covers this classic for the album project Sound of the 80's and we can see this becoming a live favourite by her fans. The amazing bassline really hits home and imagine this rumble away at a large venue with those strings coming in. It's hard to cover perfection, but SE-B gives it a good try at least! Listen below! Thoughts?     


Premiere: Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Crom & Thanh Remix)

From a stellar Lana Del Rey cover to a house treatment of Ultraviolence. It's been a good week in Lanaland! Berliner DJ duo Crom & Thanh takes all the slow burning violence and turns it into a close to 8 minute feast of a looped piano, suggestive and hypnotic oooh's not to mention a new killer bassline. There's a lot going on and we don't mind one bit. Dancing with melancholia never felt so sweet like dancin' with Lana at a Berlin club, crying into the ice cold beer and wait for that text that'll never arrive... Enjoy!