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Premiere: MS MR - Painted (Lindstrøm Remix)

Wow, what a trip! MS MR and their new single Painted are treated to a trip into outer space by Norwegian dance god and dark knight Lindstrøm. Doing a complete 180 on the original it sounds very much like a Lindstrøm original but with some Moroder and Woodkid thrown in there for good measure. Niiiice! We love this dark disco shimmering like black gold and pulsating like liquid fire. Top notch!  


Introducing: Frances - Grow 

Frances describes herself as a singer/songwriter and piano woman - yes she is! Grow is a stirring ballad about letting go of a loved one and growing from it. Out first thought was that both Tori Amos and Lorde can hear bits and pieces of their artistry coming through the speakers - nice! She has a lovely emotive tone and piano skillz for days. Backed by the same team as Sam Smith and Disclosure and premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 - expect to hear this soulful voice comin' for you with wisdoms left and right. ;) Enjoy! Thoughts? 


Free Download: Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Vicktor Deep House Remix)

Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) became a huge hit (US #8, UK #2) for Crystal Waters when it was released in early 1991. Close to 25 years on it's still a point of reference musically for producers and can tear up many a dance floor. Love it! Sadly, the social commentary about homelessness is as on point now as it was back then. Something in Crystal's voice really sends the message so direct not to mention the hard hitting lyrics. Perth based DJ Vicktor treats the original to a deep house remix and we really like the new groove and drama. It's perfect to dance to this summer! La da dee, la da da...



Free Download: FKA twigs VS. BANKS - Drowning With The Lights On

This is terrifyingly good, ya'll. BANKS and FKA twigs meet in this Drowning With The Lights On mashup and we love it so. They both possess the ability to electrify with darkness and stir major emotions through their musical output. When combined it's fantastic. Drowning's deeper instrumentation and twig's ethereal voice from Lights On make it sound like a mythical creature is hovering over a dark, endless pit looking for a missing lover. Drowned? It's too much and so perfect. 

When I trust you we can do it with the lights on
When I trust you we’ll make love until the morning
Let me tell you all my secrets and I’ll whisper ‘til the day is done



Premiere: Florence + The Machine - Delilah

New Florence + The Machine! Yes, yes, yes! New album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (out May 29th) already sounds like a banger - love it. Delilah is everything we love about Flo. It's ethereal with a rock hard spine and that powerful voice front and center. It sounds mighty in recorded form and we so wanna hear this live. Imagine that piano kickin' in on a huge festival this summer. Top notch! Enjoy!