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Name checked in Chloe Sevigny - March  Mixtape Library!




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Free Download: Sky Ferreira VS. Milky Chance - Everything Dance

Sky Ferreira's Everything Is Embarrassing is easily one of our most played the last few years. Love it so! The melancholy feeling is palpable and we cannot get enough. Sky's own programmer/keyboardist Johnny Danger, who did this very awesome remix last year mashes it with German duo Milky Chance's Stolen Dance - thus infusing the sadness with some folktronica. The result is strangely soothing and the vocal loop is hypnotic paired with that stomping beat. It now borders on, dare we say, a happy song?! ;) Enjoy below! 


Free Download: Björk - I've Seen It All (SIMØNE Remix)

Lars von Trier's 2000 film musical Dancer in the Dark is one of the most soul crushing things we have ever seen. Björk as Selma Ježková is a heart pounding watch and suffocated us almost when we saw it. Once was enough, still the memory of it lives on vividly. I've Seen It All features Thom Yorke on the album and Peter Stormare in the movie and tells the story of slowly losing vision literally. It was nominated for an Academy Award and from the 2001 broadcast comes our favourite version. So elegant, heartbreaking and flawless. Plus, swan dress 4-ever! Spanish producer SIMØNE also keeps it as a solo version and adds a hypnotic electronic beat. The raw style of the vocals creates a wonderful distortion to the sleek music and it really is striking. Selma's slow burner of a song about slowly going blind set to a dance beat - now we have almost heard it all. And it's awesome to top it off. The last 45 seconds kills us, and that train track noise will follow us all night... Stream below, download here


Premiere: Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat (From The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 OST)

Lorde has been busy curating the entire soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and here's the first taster! Yellow Flicker Beat is exactly that. The intro aches and slow burns, the flicker kicking into a hard hitting beat with the nervous undertone being a constant companion. Vocally it's a stunning track - very Lorde! Dark, haunting and restrained with some soaring parts. Holding back what sounds like a threat, and we're hypnotized by it. Listen below! Thoughts?


Premiere: Aretha Franklin - Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover)

Imagine writing a song about a crazy breakup you had at 20 y.o and a few years later Aretha Franklin releases that very same song as a lead single. Well that's exactly what's happened to Adele and her contemporary evergreen Rolling In The Deep. The original video has over half a billion views (!) and we have a feelin' there's gonna be a renewed interest right about now. Aretha will release her ...Sings The Great Diva Classics on October 21st and we sure hope there's gonna be some behind the scenes footage of her singing this one. Just hearing her use the word shit in a song, haha. Git it Aretha! She takes it to church for sure and it's a real treat hearing her iconic vocals take on contemporary material. Remember when she sang the underwear off Mariah Carey's Touch My Body a few years back?! Sure, we'd loved if her voice wasn't so manipulated and was kept a bit more raw + not sure how they came up with mixing in Ain't No Mountain High Enough - that's kind of the antithesis to Adele's firey rage. More anger and less flat production... Anyway...welcome back Ms. Franklin!   


Premiere: Karen Harding - Say Something (Bodhi Remix)

Karen Harding is on a roll with infectious debut single Say Something. The official stream is clocking up over 200K plays in just a month and she's getting rave reviews. Niiice! Cardiff duo Bodhi infuses the already retro house sounding track with some of their piano house magic. The result is a stunning banger that showcases Karen's brilliant backing vocals, stunning lead and throws in some nu-disco vibes for good measure. Love it! It's kinda straight forward and just puts out that magnificent groove without any fuss or unnecessary add-ons. Simply - d.a.n.c.e!