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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Midnight Shift: GSR Summer Mixtape 2017

It's summer and we just hit 12K followers on Facebook. Thank you! Perfect time to celebrate with a brand new mixtape! We geared this one to a late night when you just wanna d.a.n.c.e. to both new music and classic ones + cozy up with friends at the same time and get that 2am cocktail going. Donna Summer gets the mix started and then it follows with Róisín Murphy, FRIDA, Jupiter, Dannii Minogue (with Madonna), Britney Spears, Yoko Ono, Clubland and Goldfrapp. Stellar remixes from people like Little Boots, Junge Junge, Claptone, Villains, Dave Audé, Holy Ghost! and Danny Dove amp up the energy - we hope you like. Enjoy!   


Best of '16: The Year In Music 

Wow, what a year in music it's been! For us the highlight was to arrange a music talk with badass Little Boots at the MoMA (Moderna Museet Malmö) Malmö in Sweden! We had our live DJ debut also in Sweden and it was so awesome. Also - our like page became viral and reached just under 1 million people in under a month. WOW! Sadly we didn't have that much time for live gigs but we managed to head to RuPaul's Drag Race BOTS in Copenhagen, Denmark and it was much fun. Below is our annual Best of-list with 50 of our favourites of the year. (In no particular order.) We've gone nuts to awesome electronic beats, been mellow to gorgeous and emotive tracks and felt waves of happiness to soulful songs. They're all below, enjoooy! Click here is you prefer Deezer!  



Premiere: Little Boots - Face To Face 

Little Boots shares Face To Face, co-written + produced by Sam Sparro - brand new single as part of the Afterhours EP along with Staring at the Sun. The awesome intro alone is worth your money and streaming time. What a gem with its base firmly in club land and classic piano house. The vocals are as per usual tight and really sets the tone with warmth and focus. The production value is beyond as well - LB and Sparro really should develop this mooore as they sound fantastic togetha. Top notch, guys!   


Premiere: Little Boots - Staring at the Sun

Oooh! Ahhh! Little Boots just surprised us all with a brand new single! Staring at the Sun is a perfect summer anthem with a patented sicknin' Boots bass line, synth realness for days + those soaring and badass vocals! A lil' early 90's feel, too! Produced by amazing Richard X (!) it's one of those gems perfect for clubbing but also fits right into heavy airplay and we can already hear this pumping out of shops near you soon. More Little Boots for everyone all the time can never be a bad thing. We'd love to stare at various stuff incuding the sun with you Victoria any day!  


Video Premiere: Little Boots - Get Things Done

We've said it plenty all year - but Little Boots' Working Girl album era is so damn cool and fun with hot beats. Plus the aesthetics are beyond - so cohesive and they come across so effortless and chic. Get Things Done is an album standout with its funky bassline and soaring + clipped vocals. The video is thrilling and damn it LB, ya shoe + hair game is so on point. Love it all! You do indeed know how to get it d.o.n.e. :*