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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Best of '16: The Year In Music 

Wow, what a year in music it's been! For us the highlight was to arrange a music talk with badass Little Boots at the MoMA (Moderna Museet Malmö) Malmö in Sweden! We had our live DJ debut also in Sweden and it was so awesome. Also - our like page became viral and reached just under 1 million people in under a month. WOW! Sadly we didn't have that much time for live gigs but we managed to head to RuPaul's Drag Race BOTS in Copenhagen, Denmark and it was much fun. Below is our annual Best of-list with 50 of our favourites of the year. (In no particular order.) We've gone nuts to awesome electronic beats, been mellow to gorgeous and emotive tracks and felt waves of happiness to soulful songs. They're all below, enjoooy! Click here is you prefer Deezer!  



Premiere: Sia - Reaper 

Sia is truly on a roll with her This Is Acting album era! It's out this month on the 29th and we are so enjoying the steady stream of hot tracks leading up to it. Reaper is co-written and produced by Kanye West and originally for Rihanna. Despite those names involved this has Sia written all over it. So distinct and perfectly balanced between catchy and deep diving. We're lovin' the bluesy feel and how the verses and chorus glide together so effortlessly. Those lyrics - amazing and clever. PLUS, that organ is really workin' it! Top marks 'ia and 'nye!


Premiere: Sia - Cheap Thrills 

Sia's on a roll with her This Is Acting album era's singles! We're having Cheap Thrills on absolute repeat this weekend and with good reason - it's so fun! We love how she's taken a breather from the dramatic and decided to go clubbing on the cheap side with some heavy dancing for good measure. Life ain't all about serious stuff ya know, it's so important to have fun, too. Cheap Thrills is fun and flirty with a fluffy production and vocals that we actually can manage to sing along to, haha. We sure wanna go out clubbing with you Sia! 


Premiere: Sia - One Million Bullets 

Sia makes it look and sound so effortless to release badass music. On the day her massive single Chandelier hit one billion views she perfectly drops One Million Bullets. Love the stuttering vocal delivery paired with a classic soaring Sia chorus. Plus those lyrics are truly life affirming in their own special way. Finding the strength and courage deep within to utter them takes ain't no mean feat. Much love to you, Sia! Her new album This Is Acting comes out on January 29th next year! 


Premiere: Sia - Bird Set Free 

What we absolutely love about Sia is that storytelling and singing are such a fundamental parts of her. Listening to songs by her are always experiences, not something on in the background. This is the truth for new single Bird Set Free, too- a raw and stark look into what makes a person tick. Sia sings about her deep passion and how perfection isn't part of the package. And how true is this? Strip away the veneer of anyone - what really matters in life for a human that is not up for discussion is left. The importance of living your life for yourself cannot be stressed enough. Never stay silent and hide to please others. The new Sia album This Is Acting is out January 29th!