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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Video Premiere: Björk - Notget 

Björk invites us into her VR world with visuals to her fantastic Notget from 2015's stellar album Vulnicura. Directed by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones it's part of the björk digital exhibition at Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos. We love how otherwordly it looks, literally, and yet so familiar. Björk is front and center and there is no way to miss her now iconic dance moves, perfectly captured here. Like a video game from another dimention we get teleported into a bold world with a deep sense of angst and sadness. Much like the song it hurts to watch and we still cannot get over how brilliant the word "notget" is. It sums it up perfectly and we so wanna go to the exhibition. Who's in?


Stream: Björk - Come To Me (Vulnicura Live Version)

Björk's Vulnicura Live Version album is finally out on all formats! Initially it was a physical only in collaboration with Rough Trade who got an exclusive version for eight months. NOW all those are out of print and we get to stream it, finally! Fin the full album on Spotify here. Teaser track below is the magical Come To Me from her absolute landmark solo debut album, Debut, from 1993. We love it so, and here it's transformed from almost a lullaby into something from another realm. The opening line alone is hypnotizing with its echo and it's gleaming and so suggestive that we get goose bumps. The added sharpness and dark side is transfixing and B's voice sounds incredible. The Arca musical collaboration thrusts the music into a starry night filled with burning desires and crystal clear waters with a black sand sea bed. LOVE IT! The album sounds incredible and we love the focus on Vulnicura but with nods to other different album eras. It ties her tour together in the most perfect way.        


Premiere: Ben Abraham - Hyperballad (Björk Cover)

Björk's incredible Hyperballad had its single release from Post exactly 20 years ago today. Wow! Australian artist Ben Abraham has done a cover of it to celebrate and it's a gorgeous take. Ben's amazing voice over a stunning string arrangement by Luke Howard really does the original justice. It's a fresh look from the top of the mountain without losing any of the earthy roots. The same goes for the electronic Tim Shiel. It's a shimmering tone that gleams and striking like a ray of light on a dark summer morning. All in all: top marks! Ben's debut album Sirens is out on March 4th via Secretly Canadian.  


Video Premiere: Björk - Mouth Mantra

Björk just dropped the video to Mouth Mantra and wow, it's concentrated Guðmundsdóttir realness! It kinda feel like a hyper cut of several videos - Pagan Poetry, Cocoon, Black Lake. Like a comments on youtube: Has Björk just outbjörked herself again? Amazing! The visuals travels into pure intimacy - the mouth with its softness, warmess and enveloping moist. The swirls of roof and teeth are jarring. And the razor sharp edges of the lyrics: My throat was stuffed, My mouth was sewn up, Banned from making noise + the icy strings. It all makes for a raw experience. 


Premiere: Björk - Lionsong (Vulnicura Strings Version)

Já, já! Björk just announced that on December 4th Vulnicura: the acoustic version - strings, voice and viola organista only drops! Pressed on 12" heavyweight 180g black vinyl. 2 x vinyl with gatefold sleeve no less. First taster is the strings version of the illuminating and kickass Lionsong. The original is already quite heavy on the stings but the slight industrial beat is removed and the vocals somehow become even more raw. Listen below! Thoughts?