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Premiere: Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd - Lust For Life

Lana Del Rey is gearing up for the release of her fifth studio album Lust For Life later this year. The title track just dropped and features The Weeknd - the songs they have done together are pretty awesome so the bar is high. Thankfully both come through and this is a really sweet listen. It sounds very LANA circa Born To Die era. Namely Without You. The verses on Lust For Life shakes us with its lowkey verses that explode every time in that stirring chorus. Love the shift in energy and how well the Del Rey anthem aspects blend with Weeknd that patented falsetto. Hopefully a big hit! Thoughts? 


Premiere: Lana Del Rey - Love 

A fantastic Saturday surprise to have brand new Lana Del Rey! After it leaked Love is now offically out in a speed release. This single serves as the first taster of her upcoming fifth studio album. Just the intro alone screams classic Lana paired with a hint of Twin Peaks, naturally it's a gorgeous blend. The warmth in her voice is so intense here and just pulls you into the Del Rey universe. It's a welcome return to her Born To Die Paradise edition days with a pounding lead single that sounds instantly familiar and yet with so much to pay attention to. The world feels crazy and chaotic right now and how sort of soothing yet terrifying to hear Lana sing "don't worry baby" over that dark pool of music. It's gleaming with a muted light and just what we needed right now. 


Free Download: Lana Del Rey - The Blackest Day (Samuel Fnderio Remix)

Even though Lana Del Rey has been very generous with 4 studio albums between 2012 and 2015 it's easy to go a bit crazy in between. Being under her spell and all! Luckily there are plenty of bootlegs and here's a black and heavy one for The Blackest Day. The original version from the Honeymoon album is already fantastic and from the very first listen it was love from us. Samuel Fnderio adds a harder sound with pouding drums and an atmosphere of high drama which we absolutely love. A single release from the album would have been amazing and we're so happy to have this as a reminder of how brilliant this track really is. Check out below + download it here! Enjoy! 


Video Premiere: Lana Del Rey - Freak

Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon album era continues in full force and we make a pit stop in her beloved California to be a Freak. The trippy visuals evoke 60's acid trips, cult leader realness in the shape of Father John Misty and 5 minute in water to the tune of Debussy's Clair de Lune. All in all, it's very Lana. Thoughts? 


Premiere: Lana Del Rey - Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston Cover)

New Lana Del Rey is always a treat and this is no exception. For the movie Hi, how are you Daniel Johnston? she's recorded a cover of Daniel Johnston's 1990 track Some Things Last A Long Time. Her version differs greatly and offers a more guitar heavy and is a less eclectic take. We miss the offbeat atmosphere of the original, but Lana's warm tone makes a nice listen, too. Enjoy beloooow via Tumblr. Thoughts?