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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Video Premiere: The Knife - Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)

Yes, yes! The Knife's Shaking The Habitual era is still in full swing! (Pun that stays.) We had the pleasure of seeing them in Copenhagen in May last year, and now they're on the North American leg of the tour. Mixing it up we're getting a new video and a Shaken-Up Version of new single Without You My Life Would Be Boring. PLUS a brand new EP with more shaken up takes on utter Knife classics. The visuals are by Bitte Anderson, founder of the Dyke Hard movie and music project and she uses often a queer feminist stance in her work. This video is shot at a classic open clinic in Sweden and feels like both a social and political commentary. Gender, ethnicity, age, disability and the overworking of emplyees in the health care sector all come into play. PLUS we're getting some throwbacks to the horror of two girls one cup! That is a lot to take in considering the clip is under five minutes. It's infectious in more ways than one, haha! Watch below! Thoughts?


Premiere: The Knife - Raging Lung (Hannah Holland Remix)

More The Knife goodness coming our way! London's finest DJ and producer Hannah Holland turns Raging Lung into an epic dark odyssey into a new realm. It plays like a dub and the lessening of vocals is almost like the subject has had the wind knocked out of the lungs. The organic feel of the original with the looming trumpet and deafening drums is subdued with a shiny black matter full of secret pathways down to a basement full of club kids and broken dreams. The artwork feels like a new chapter in the shaking of habituals. Let's see where this alley leads us to. 

And that's when it hurts
When you see the difference


Mash-Up: TLC VS. The Knife - Creepy Heartbeats 

TLC's classic (and first) Billboard #1 from '94 Creep is a legendary cheating anthem talking about a truly dysfunctional relationship. The frankness, harmonies and sampled horn section makes for a truly outstanding track. Equally enchanting and sick is of course The Knife's 2002 masterpiece Heartbeats that we honestly already know will listen to until our last breath, haha. This mash proves that it's not just Ashanti and Fat Joe who can get down with the Dreijer siblings. We absolutely love the honey R&B harmonies with the steely production of the music. It works so well and when Karin's voice hits us midway we definitely need some hands to lean on. A superb start to the weekend's shenanigans early from Nashville based Pimpdaddysupreme for sure. Go grab the .mp3 below and enjoy! 


The Knife - Let's Talk About Gender Baby (Planningtorock Full Of Fire Remix)

The Knife live in May was an absolute thought provoking pleasure to watch. It was more of an art installation than a "real" concert and we know many had issues with so much of it being playback. We liked the idea a lot since it worked so well with the overall show. One of the standout's was the insane almost 10 minute moment of watching the siblings and their dancers standing completely still while the album version of Full of Fire was blasting out of the speaker system. We know that single was not what people expected either as a lead single, however it's grown on us a lot. It's hard rave influences and lyrics are so perfect and very The Knife. The Dreijer sibling's old colleague on the Tomorrow, In A Year opera, Planningtorock, lifts the awesome line let's talk about gender baby, let's talk about you and me from it and totally does a brand new song. It has a fun lightness to it and the synth sounds like it could be part of a fun 80's band covering classic songs in a hotel bar somewhere. If you wanna pick this baby up it's a limited hand-stamped vinyl only white label (of course) and can be found here. Enjoy! Thoughts? 


Mashup: The Knife VS. Fat Joe & Ashanti - Summer Luv (Heartbeats)

In 2002/2003, during the renaissance of the mashup we definitely danced to The Knife's immortal Heartbeats and Fat Joe and Ashanti's massive hit What's Luv. Never did we think to join the two together! Thankfully L.A based DJ Bahler decided to bring us some summer luvin' and the result is amazing. We went to The Knife's May concert in Copenhagen and from what we saw they will love this! Take the unexpected two and toss 'em together in a tight mix. If we didn't know better we'd swear Joe is rapping over Heartbeats for real, and Karin and Olof were the actual producers of both tracks! Enjoooy!