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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Premiere: Goldfrapp - Anymore (Remixes)

Goldfrapp's Anymore has been on steady repeat here the last few weeks and we cannot wait for new album Silver Eye (out March 31)! Also, we found out today that Alison took the promo pics herself, as seen above, using a shutter button attached to the foot area of the chair she was sitting on. Very cool! To amp up the single, here are two new remixes, the first ones of many, we're sure. Joe Goddard of Hot Chip uses a classic Chip vibe and adds a trippy feel to the already cool track. The new pitch on Alison's vocals is like stepping into a fever dream where Goldfrapp is the be-all-end-all and Silver Eye rules the skies with lazer sharp precision. The Danny Dove mix takes us more into the underground. A more club ready vibe awaits us there filled with smoke machines and stiff drinks being poured all around. Yes, the mix is complete with a build up and drop. Listen beloow! 


Video Premiere: Hot Chip - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

Wow, it looks like Hot Chip raided our tumblr for the video to their Bruce Springsteen cover Dancing In The Dark. The visuals are wonderfully lo-fi and gif-tastic and some! The 1984 original is already heavy one the synth and this new update turns it into a disco odyssey. They even throw in a lil' LCD Soundsystem sample - nice! No wonder they used this as the concert closing number on their summer tour this year - it was tailor made for heavy dancin' in the dark! 


Premiere: Florence + The Machine - Queen Of Peace (Hot Chip Remix)

Florence + The Machine's epic and rushing Queen Of Peace is easily one of our favourite releases of the year. It's perfect the way it is, but who can resist a bit of Hot Chip on the side? In true H C style we're getting a quirky and bouncy production filled with different sounds and vibez. Listen below! Thoughts?


Premiere: Donna Summer - Sunset People (Hot Chip 15:51 Min Extended Remix)

The amazing Donna Summer remix album Love To Love You Donna is out now and look at the treat we have! Hot Chip's stunning take on Sunset People is featured twice on the album as edits and here's the full remix, clocking in at almost 16 minutes! It's a luxurious listen to say the least and the reference to Love To Love You Baby's original length of 16:50 is almost blinding us with bright disco lights. We love the new tempo and the added beeps and blips that makes it trademarked with the Hot Chipness of it all. The Pete Bellotte and Giorgio Moroder produced single was originally released in the summer of 1980 becoming a moderate hit. As it was taken from her iconic 1979 Bad Girls album it meant Casablanca Records owned it. Donna herself had moved on by then to Geffen and left disco music behind her (or so she thought) and was getting ready for a new album era with The Wanderer. She felt sexually exploited by her old label and had redicovered her Christian faith in the process. Hearing this superb remix it's mind blowing to think of all the politics behind it all back in the day. It however does not take away from being a stunning disco number then and a slice of electro heaven now. Enjoy below! Thoughts?


Premiere: Hot Chip - Dark & Stormy

Hot Chip just dropped their brand new one-off single Dark & Stormy! The official stream is here that is, with the actual release not set until 22nd of July! What the hell? Despite the title it's a sunny and airy track recorded at Club Ralph in London and features Charles Hayward of This Heat on drums. The characteristic chippy rock-disco-electro groove is still intact though! Listen below! Thoughts?