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Premiere: Donna Summer - Sunset People (Hot Chip 15:51 Min Extended Remix)

The amazing Donna Summer remix album Love To Love You Donna is out now and look at the treat we have! Hot Chip's stunning take on Sunset People is featured twice on the album as edits and here's the full remix, clocking in at almost 16 minutes! It's a luxurious listen to say the least and the reference to Love To Love You Baby's original length of 16:50 is almost blinding us with bright disco lights. We love the new tempo and the added beeps and blips that makes it trademarked with the Hot Chipness of it all. The Pete Bellotte and Giorgio Moroder produced single was originally released in the summer of 1980 becoming a moderate hit. As it was taken from her iconic 1979 Bad Girls album it meant Casablanca Records owned it. Donna herself had moved on by then to Geffen and left disco music behind her (or so she thought) and was getting ready for a new album era with The Wanderer. She felt sexually exploited by her old label and had redicovered her Christian faith in the process. Hearing this superb remix it's mind blowing to think of all the politics behind it all back in the day. It however does not take away from being a stunning disco number then and a slice of electro heaven now. Enjoy below! Thoughts?


Premiere: Donna Summer - Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)

Donna Summer's 1979 monster #1 hit Bad Girls is arguably one of the most recognized songs from the past, let's say, 50 years. The Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte produced disco anthem we're thinking can fit into practically any party or social function unless it's an extremely boring one! We're sure even death metal affectionados would get down to it. Written by Donna after one of her assistants was mistaken for a prostitute by a police officer it's sent many a floor to the absolute boiling point. We usually love Gigamesh's quirky re-imaginings and piercing synths. This is no excpetion. Completely sending these bad gals into 80's mode with instrumental sections fit for any 2013 gathering! Luckily the legendary Summer power vocals are front and center with the background chants full intact as well. Thankfully the toot, toot, beep, beep's made it as well! How'd we do without 'em? Not so well! This shining new remix uses none of the original horn section, sick bassline or sickenin' guitar solo. We can't have it all it seems, but played one directly after the other makes for one perfect good time to trot. Beep beep! The remix album Love To Love You Donna is out on October 22nd. 


Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Giorgio Moroder 2012 Remix)

I Feel Love - the 1977 electronic masterpiece by Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte was added to the American National Recording Registry this year - and really, how could it not be? The criteria it more than qualifies for as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically important, and/or inform or reflect life in the United States." This iconic song will live forever for sure! Since the world of music lost Donna to cancer earlier this year it feels like the perfect tribute. We love that Giorgio is so active in social media and releases goodies on a weekly basis as well. His 2012 remix of I Feel Love premiered at the Louis Vuitton show at Munich Fashion Week in Arabellapark. All this is wonderful as it comes full circle thinking it was recorded all those years ago in Munich's Arabella-Hochhaus and history was made. Speaking of full circle; this remix made us think of the classic 15+ minute remix odyssey from 1978 by electronic music pioneer Patrick Cowley. This version sounds deep and fresh and we cannot wait for the full length version to drop! Go Giorgio! 


Donna Summer - I Feel Love Documentary (Narrated by Alison Goldfrapp)

One of the most important artists in the world of music as we know it died today. Donna Summer died of cancer at the age of 63. Much too soon. Such a super sad day for us music lovers. Without a doubt the work she did with Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte was forever game changing and pushed any boundaries out of the way for good. Love To Love You Baby with its 15 min of pure pleasure, the electronic masterpiece I Feel Love and iconic heartache song On The Radio to name but a few. We can honestly say we listen to I Feel Love on a weekly basis and can never ever get enough. Like never - ever. Those vocals - that sickening beat. Argh! A lot can be said about Donna's career, but instead of going on and on - we remembered we had this awesome radio documentary from BBC Radio 2 narrated by Alison Goldfrapp - with frickin' Giorgio himself and sound bites from Ana Matronic, Jimmy Somerville and Debbie Harry. Fascinating stuff! We're listening tonight and remembering the amazing legacy Donna has left behind. Rest in peace, dear Donna.