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Premiere: Giorgio Moroder & Marlene - I Do This For You

Giorgio Moroder's Déjà vu album is finally out - yeah, yeah! Featuring many cool collaborations it's an eclectic mix that merges wonderfully. One of the standouts for us is an updated version with Swedish artist Marlene of her track I Do This For You. The original came out May 2014 via her Indian Summer EP and was released as a single as late as end of October last year. How cool to have a legend and one of the founders of electronic music to tweak it and release it less than a year later! The original holds its own for sure but we really like the oomph the Moroder beats and production adds. It's more zesty now and the vocals really pop and get to be showcased in a way that easily could be a worldwide hit, should they realease it as a single. Enjoy below; thoughts?! 


Premiere: Giorgio Moroder Feat. Charli XCX - Diamonds 

Giorgio Moroder's 74 is the new 24 album is shaping up to be a stellar album, mixing many ideas and styles. The talents of two badasses team up on this one. Charli XCX punky attitude and clever lyrics go perfectly with the Moroder vocoder and swag on Diamonds. It's a tight and hot mix and we love how it rowdy yet well made it sounds. It seems like a true riot to be 75! We hope x 1000 to be able to be like this when its (hopefully) time for us later on in life! ENJOY; thoughts? 


Premiere: Giorgio Moroder Feat. Kelis - Back & Forth 

We love it when Kelis is in the mood to d.a.n.c.e! Her 2010 Flesh Tone album is legendary and so underrated. After the more organic touch on last year's Food album she returns to the club. With legendary Giorgio Moroder next to her Back & Forth sounds amazing. It harks back to a classic disco era but has its gaze firmly set on the future. Nice combo! That husky voice paired with those catchy guitar & synth riffs do things to us! Giorgio's 74 is the new 24 album looks set to be an absolute smash when released later this year. Enjoooy!  


Premiere: Giorgio Moroder Feat. Britney Spears - Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega Cover)

Giorgio Moroder has teamed up with Britney Spears to cover Suzanne Vega's ultimate classic Tom's Diner for his 74 is the new 24 album. First of all - WOW - secondly - how would you even do the original justice? The original written in 1981 was first released in 1984 and then got a major release in 1987 as the album opener on Suzanne's second album, landmark release, Solitude Standing. The acapella track was then in 1990 remixed by DNA and turned into a club smash. Some fun facts about this song is that the real Tom's Diner was later fictionalized in Seinfeld as the hangout Monk's Cafe. PLUS - and this major - it's also called the 'mother of the mp3' as Karlheinz Brandenburg, one of the contibutors to the mp3 creation, used the original version of Suzanne's acapella to make sure the compression was working. We love that this new version will bring this rich history into a new crowd - but we can't help to think that we'd have LOVED a new Moroder/Spears track instead of a cover. Imagine a true SMASH of epic proportions with them at the helm. This isn't a smash but not super bad either, and it's nice to hear a Spears vox not totally beaten to death, haha. Listen below; thoughts?


Premiere: Giorgio Moroder Feat. Sia - Déjà Vu

Giorgio Moroder and Sia are putting on their disco gear this weekend for some heavy dancing sessions. For some reason the official premiere was blocked here in Sweden (WTF?) yesterday so apologies if this post gives you sense of a Déjà Vu, haha. Legendary disco producer Giorgio will release his first own album 74 is the new 24 later this year and unlike the collab with Kylie Minogue this sounds classic d.i.s.c.o. The guitar and strings and stomping groove sound really old school and then Sia's layered vocals cuts through for a modern twist. Listen below! Thoughts?