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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Premiere: MØ - Drum 

HELL YAS! Brand new and she's collaborated on DRUM with Charli XCX, Bloodpop and Noonie Bao! Damn MØ, you're too kind to casually drop this (OK, she did it on BBC Radio 1, haha) just in time for us to go nuts for more Danish maiden material! Drum sounds a bit more like her debut album and so far only album - No Mythologies To Follow. Of course we don't mind that one bit. Lovin' the rawer vocals and that beat with razor sharp edges. LISTEN below + grab the quick interview with Annie Mac. Have fuN! 


Premiere: Giorgio Moroder Feat. Charli XCX - Diamonds 

Giorgio Moroder's 74 is the new 24 album is shaping up to be a stellar album, mixing many ideas and styles. The talents of two badasses team up on this one. Charli XCX punky attitude and clever lyrics go perfectly with the Moroder vocoder and swag on Diamonds. It's a tight and hot mix and we love how it rowdy yet well made it sounds. It seems like a true riot to be 75! We hope x 1000 to be able to be like this when its (hopefully) time for us later on in life! ENJOY; thoughts? 


Premiere: Charli XCX Feat. Rita Ora - Doing It

Charli XCX's SUCKER album was released in Dec '14 (a.k.a. last month) in the US and Australia but curiously has had its official release in Europe pushed back until February. To keep it freshhhh next single Doing It now has Rita Ora on it for the UK release. We're getting some Thelma & Louise vibes from the pic from the video above so that could be pretty cool. The song is an absolut jam, we're wild for the 80's vibes, so let's see where this one brings the SUCKER era! For sure this is a fave XCX song here!  


Premiere: Charli XCX - London Queen

Oi, oi, oi! Charli XCX continue to Sucker punch us with new material! London Queen was written for her by producer Justin Raisen and pretty much follows her journey from the UK to the US. It sounds like a lil' like The Ramones and Blondie and truly classic 70's pop punk. It's fun and flirty with a badass edge that really grows on you. We so wanna hear her say Oi, oi and knock back a lager at a Hollywood red carpet event! Upcoming album Sucker is out December 16th and it'll be sweet to hear what else will be XCX'd for us. Enjoy!  


Madonna VS. Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX - Into The Fancy Groove

Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX's contemporary monster hit Fancy sounds amazing with Madonna's 1985 dance classic Into The Groove in the mix. We can taste this gold for sure! Everything is better with a side of golden MDNA and Stephen Bray groove honestly! We really like how the old school beat makes the vocals 'pop' in a hot way and how seamless they sound together. The Fancy chorus never sounded so flirty and Iggy's verses flows like nevah b4. Enjoy below - .mp3 here! Thoughts?