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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Premiere: Goldfrapp - Thea (Twin Shadow Remix)

Goldfrapp's Tales of Us manor is a faded black & white photograph that holds dear memories of love and hope. The memory of what once were lives on even if some of the people are long gone. In the shadows behind the large oak tree we see neon lights pierce the darkness. Twin Shadow has scaled the the iron fence and plays club music in the empty garden. Thea, Annabel and Alison dances in the empty pool and Clay finally gets to sit and look into his lovers eyes and never let go. The strobe flickers and suddenly, for a fleeting moment, the garden glows of all the colours.  


Premiere: Goldfrapp - Thea (Radio Mix)

Truth be told, the radio mix of Goldfrapp's mesmerizing Thea, the third Tales of Us single, is a very gentle tweak. A bit more straight forward pulsating bassline, shortened and perhaps a bit less ethereal. But any excuse to post about 'em right? It so happens this one of our personal favourites from this era, plus it's so dark and hauntingly sexy somehow. Like being trapped in a gorgeous nightmare you don't want to end but wake up soaking wet from sweat and tears. Also released today is the theatrical trailer to their one night only cinema event. Full info here! Enjoooy!


Goldfrapp - Annabel - Live @ Later... with Jools Holland

Beautiful and ethereal were Goldfrapp last night performing Annabel on BBC Two. The story of 'a girl trapped inside the body of a boy' is so poetic and heartbreaking that we just have to hold our breath for a bit listening. This clip showcases Alison's vocals and just how crazy good she is. Mad talented and the control she has over her voice is just outstanding. Breathless and soaring effortlessly. 


Video Premiere: Goldfrapp - Annabel

Goldfrapp continues to tell Tales of Us. After the absolutely mesmerising Drew the turn has come to Annabel. The story of, as Alison puts it, 'a girl trapped inside the body of a boy' is so cinematic and well told in a most simplistic way. Love the heavenly vocals and a softly strumming guitar - that's all you need really! Based on a novel with the same name telling the story of an intersexed child who is forced to take on a male identity. The search within our inner core for personal truths and how the outcome manifests is something we could spend years discussing over coffee. So many are afraid to look within and find the essence of themselves we have noticed. Hiding behind social constructs is perhaps easier than exploring your own personal identity, but finding it and embracing will set you free forever. That's what the dress in this case represents to us. Allowing someone to see you for who you are instead of hiding in darkness. For a brand new amazing Goldfrapp interview with Nowness click here. Enjoy! Thoughts? 



Video Premiere: Goldfrapp - Drew 

The new Goldfrapp video Drew hits us in all the right spots. It's music and visuals for all senses. Going back to their Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree roots it still feels fresh and new. From the new we're getting French chanson and torch songs with that special magic that only can come from Alison's voice. The video is simply amazing. Faded like an old album full of forgotten memories that were once treasured. Alison as the lady of a manor, walking around in a world that seems out of place and deserted. Flashes of other people; is it dream or reality? It's a stunnning body of work and a much welcome return. Upcoming album Tales of Us is out on September 9th and their new tour kicks off this week already; on the 17th at the Manchester International Festival. We saw their last tour in 2010 and will make sure to catch this one too. Have a look below! Thoughts? PS. This is the first taster of the film Tales of Us directed by Alison's girlfriend Lisa Gunning, which will hit cinemas later this year.