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Stream: Goldfrapp - Human (Klerigs Remix)

While we await new Goldfrapp material, let's not get totally crazy, shall we? How 'bout a bootleg remix of Human from their landmark 2000 debut Felt Mountain? The single release was in February 2001 and was the third release from the album. We love it's intricate vibe and dramatic atmosphere. It's a fantastic piece of art and that's why this bootleg by Portugal based Klerigs comes across so handy right now. It's dancey and flirty and all kinds of wrong, making it so right. It's far from a dud or dog - plus it makes you just wanna dance and perhaps get a lil' uneasy too. Haha. Listen below!  


Free Download: Goldfrapp - Jo (JJ Flores Remix)

Uh, uh, if you're into Goldfrapp you know it's a long wait between eras, but oh so worth it. It's perfect for practising patience but the struggle is real. Luckily there are bootlegs! L.A DJ JJ Flores adds a club beat to stellar Tales of Us single Jo and transforms it. The mood changes from a gorgeous but nightmarish look into what we percieve to be a small town with haunting elements into a larger city with a hard pulse and dark nightlife. The delicate gives way for a piercing gaze and it's gonna follow us tonight. Listen + download below; thoughts? 


Free Download: Goldfrapp - Thea (Alex Nagshineh Remix) 

Goldfrapp's Thea is one of our favourites from the whole Tales of Us era. Finding at least a flicker of light in absolute despair is at least something and this song speaks volumes. Not to mention how wonderful the music is. So emotive and blasting us with that bassline of doom and sorrow. Amazing! London based producer Alex Nagshineh puts a flawless spin on it, creating a whole new structure and then letting the original shine through the cracks occasionally. It's a hypnotic and strangely soothing experience, and also worh mentioning - a 7+ minute one! Really awesome! Stream and grab the .wav below. Enjoy! 


Premiere: Goldfrapp - Thea (Red Top Remix + WAWA Hungry Moon Mix)

Goldfrapp's Thea remix EP is out today and you can listen to all of the mixes here. Out of these two new ones we must say we prefer the Red Top mix. It sounds and feels real sinister. Like a dark secret is being spilled out on a rowdy club night by an angelic voice pretending to be someone on the dance floor. The WAWA take sounds like it was made with a big party scene on a popular TV show in mind. We already sense big drama, half naked dancing people and lots of dialogue in the cutaway scenes, haha. Thoughts? Enjoy! 


Premiere: Goldfrapp - Thea (Blood Diamonds Remix)

Goldfrapp's Thea gets an ethereal treatment by Blood Diamonds that has quickly grown on us. The intro reminds us a bit of Enya but instead of a million layered vocals we're getting a slightly skewed but crisp Alison. The original version feels more organic but the slight synthetic and eerie texture shakes things up a bit. Like a lounge singer that has take the wrong turn and is singing in a haunted house or something. Listen below! Also, don't miss the Twin Shadow mix from last month. Enjoy!