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Video Premiere: Tinashe - Bet

Yeeeeah! Our favourite Tinashe song, Bet, finally has some visuals to it! And it's closing out her Aquarius album era - we were worried it'd be passed over despite being absolute fire. It's also the only track on her debut to have been worked on with Dev Hynes and produced by Blood Diamonds. They are a trio made of diamonds so let's hope for MORE of 'em together for next era! The video is a lo-fi affair with some majah dancing that reminds of Janet's The Pleasure Principle video. PLUS we're getting Feels Like Vegas as a bonus. Nice! Tinashe is so on point and free spirited that we only can wish her more, more, more of everything for whatever she decides to do next. Love her!  


Video Premiere: Grimes Feat. Blood Diamonds - Go

Grimes and Blood Diamonds live it up in the video to Go. Hair and shoe game be on pointttt for both. Those adidas sandals and when she dances in 'em and in tights. Haha, it's too much! The visuals are both club and olden world with swords and we're curious to see where this will take with her core audience. After all, this song marks the start of her major deal with Roc Nation, and the track was originally written by Grimes with Rihanna in mind. Alsooo, for some reason we came to think of this club classic seeing the look they went for. Yes? You like?


Premiere: Kiesza - Giant In My Heart (Blood Diamonds Remix)

Ooo, listen to this remix of Kiesza's Giant In My Heart! Fellow Canadian and Grimes collaborator Blood Diamonds strips the original version of its 90's house feel and adds some serious contemporary club feel with a black depth hidden in the folds of that angsty pitched down voice. We really like it and started to imagine what it would sound like if all three Canadians worked together. Now that Grimes is trying on a more pop sound imagine working with Kieza and Blood Diamonds! They'd blow everyone else out of the water for sure! Enjoy below! Thoughts? 


Premiere: Grimes Feat. Blood Diamonds - Go

Grimes is back and with a gorgeous bang! A few weeks ago she announced she had written a song for Rihanna which ended up being rejected. Well here it is - Go! Working with fellow Canadian and personal friend Blood Diamonds this new era sounds very much like Claire Boucher, but elevated and very focused. It marks the start of a bigger production behind her as she's now signed with major player Roc Nation as the management team. Luckily for us we still get the airy, soaring vocals and crazy synth breakdown that we have to come to love! Thoughts? You can grab a free download too - a 40M .wav below! 


Premiere: Goldfrapp - Thea (Blood Diamonds Remix)

Goldfrapp's Thea gets an ethereal treatment by Blood Diamonds that has quickly grown on us. The intro reminds us a bit of Enya but instead of a million layered vocals we're getting a slightly skewed but crisp Alison. The original version feels more organic but the slight synthetic and eerie texture shakes things up a bit. Like a lounge singer that has take the wrong turn and is singing in a haunted house or something. Listen below! Also, don't miss the Twin Shadow mix from last month. Enjoy!