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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Tribute: El Perro Del Mar - I Would Die 4 U (Prince Cover)

To express what Prince's music means to us in a few sentences is simply impossible. He was a wonderful musician - a genius and truly the ear zero for modern music, all is to be found in his vast catalogue. His death last week really felt and still feels unreal. A world without him in it is unimaginable. How absolutely amazing that the wondrous El Perro Del Mar puts what cannot be said with words into a stunning cover of the sumblime I Would Die 4 U off of 1984's landmark Prince and The Revolution album + OST to Purple Rain. The sorrow in this cover is palpable and her broken tone really hits home how utterly sad this time in music really is. She recorded it  at home the other day with what she had there - a tabla drum machine + analogue synth. The wonky tone is perfection for this and its urgency paired with the emotive vocals + heavenly lyrics makes for a stunning listen that brought tears to our eyes the first time we heard it last night and continues even now when pressing play. The spoken intro from a mid 80's MTV interview is amazing - Prince truly was something that we cannot fully comprehend and how amazing we got to share the planet with him for a period of time. R.I.P. brilliant force of nature!       


Premiere: El Perro Del Mar - Breadandbutter

Hurrah! Brand new El Perro Del Mar is heeere! Her amazin' Pale Fire album from 2012 is a favourite here - in fact all her musical output is! Breadandbutter sees her return to her more organic side after last album's roots in electronic club music. This new single sounds very carefree and has a real zest to it. Plus, who can not like that gorgeous voice? So emotive and awesome. The social commentary is on point - we all come from the belly button - we all come from the same pattern. And true that 1000% - everyone on this planet deserves and should be equal. We're all in this together. Listen below to the premiere on Swedish radio a few hours ago! 


Stream: El Perro Del Mar - Breaking The Girl (Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover)

What a perfect start to the new year - newish El Perro Del Mar! Her RHCP cover Breaking The Girl was recorded for her excellent 2012 album Pale Fire but was never used. Her version differs wildly from the original rock production. The raw vocals and how close they come at you feels the same however. Nice! Amazing to imagine Sara and Anthony duet this one together and really make us sob from joy. Happy New Year - let's do this ish! Thank you MK. 


El Perro Del Mar - Live @ Point Ephémère 

We had the absolute pleasure of seeing Sarah Assbring a.k.a El Perro Del Mar live in concert last November. She's an incredible musician and doesn't need any bells and whistles to convey her message. Her Pale Fire album is such a treat to listen to as it hides so many layers of meaning and interpretations it could be a full time job just listing them all. This recorded show at Point Ephémère in Paris is a great way to revisit or experience what her Pale Fire tour was all about. Awesome beats, samples, vocals and overall greatness. We cannot get enough that's for sure! Enjoy! 

I Carry The Fire

Love In Vain

I Was A Boy

Walk On By


El Perro Del Mar - I Was A Boy - Video Premiere

We're madly in love with El Perro Del Mar's artistic expression. It's simplistic on the surface but hides an ocean of emotions underneath. The amazing In Was A Boy from her Pale Fire gets even more perfect here. The video is shot in one take and features live vocals. Less is indeed more! Enjoy! Click here for the full album stream.