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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Premiere: Peaches Feat. Kim Gordon - Close Up (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)

Peaches is still in RUB mode and we are so happy about that. Album opener Close Up featuring iconic Kim Gordon receives a Nocturnal Sunshine (a.k.a. Maya Jane Coles) remix and it sure is fire hot. The minimalistic tone from the original is still there but the rubbing is amped up. Nice! Perfect for darkly lit Berlin clubs with endless hours of clubbing. LOVE their super cool vocals over this throbbing beat. Luckily there's more - RUB REMIXED is out May 27th!   


Video Premiere: Peaches Feat. Feist - I Mean Something

Peaches and Feist used to be roommates in Canada - imagine how cool to share with them! On Peaches new album Rub they collaborate on the hot I Mean Something and now we get the visuals. Sadly there's no Feist in it, but we get a super cool posse that really knows how to work it. The hard beat and rap, that chorus sticking like glue + mix of people and hot styling - we eat it up like it was that cake, haha. Check out below! Thoughts?


Premiere: Peaches Feat. Nick Zinner - Bodyline

Peaches is coming for us hard with upcoming album RUB! It'll be out September 25th and judging by what we've heard it's an eclectic mix with tight production and a political stance. Hot n' classic Peaches! Lead single Light In Places is an electronic jam with glowing visuals featuring Empress Stah and a laser shootin' butt plug. New single Bodyline, a free download, is a punk jam and features Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on guitar - which of course guarantees bleedin' licks! NICE. P spits fire with her vocal deliver and we cannot wait to catch her live in Berlin later this week. #rubpeaches - the official hashtag will be a busy one, that's for sure!    


Video Premiere: Peaches Feat. Empress Stah - Light in Places

Holy ass light! New Peaches Nisker! Light in Places is the throbbing lead single to her upcoming album Rub - out September 25th. Gotta love the official hashtag #rubpeaches, too! We're really into the minimalistic electronic beat paired with the political lyrics - it feels illuminating somehow. Beauty comin' out her ass indeed! The video treatment is a cool one and features awesome aerial artist Empress Stah and one sicknin' light! Light it up below!   


Peaches - Burst! (Original Mix + Remixes) - Premiere

Peaches drops her new single Burst! and gives a peek what her brand new collaboration with Boys Noize and XXXchange sounds like! Plus we get all the remixes in one go - loads of 'em! We're always curious what she has in store for us, I Feel Cream is one of our most played albums from the last few years! The original mix sounds like a Peaches classic already - dark and danceable with some heavy bass and distorted vocals and guitars. The remixes are fun - watch out for the sick ass one from Bart B - laser overdose could happen! Planningtorock take their characteristic sound  and apply heavily - wow! Anyway, you have a lot of listening to do so we won't keep ya. Enjoy!