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Premiere: Grace Jones - Original Beast

Amazing Grace! For The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 OST Grace Jones has written and recorded a brand new track - Original Beast and it's a definite killer. She was asked personally by Lorde, the soundtrack curator, and it's clear to hear why. Apart from being absolutely fantastic this is a track that screams raw emotions with such an amazing guttural tone. At first it's really hard to pinpoint the sound and then it just shifts and hits you over the head like a ton of (amazing) bricks. Co-written by Grace's Hurricane album partner Ivor Guest they sound like such a dream team and his background as a composer of Oscar winning films really shines through. The classic reggae tones from the legendary Jones' Compass Point sessions in the early 80's is a wonderful spine for the song that just shatters into an electro feel that we're just crazy about. Listen below, it's real beast of a track! Thoughts?  


Free Download: Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy (Doc Adam Bootleg Remix)

The Grace Jones self-penned patois hit My Jamaican Guy is iconic for several reasons. Released in January 1983, as the lead single to Living My Life, it marked the final chapter of her now legendary Compass Point sessions for starters. Her mother Marjorie sings the backing vocals, but is uncredited, as not to upset her church as she was a pastor's wife. The artwork is created by Grace's then longterm partner, Jean-Paul Goude, who was instrumental in her image, stage choreography, videos and album/single artwork. Originally the image here was supposed the album cover but was replaced by this familiar piece of art. Both are absolutely stunning in their own right, with the single owning a truly hypnotizing gaze that definitely pierces your soul. The video incorporates footage from her stunning A One Man Show plus some of her most iconic imagery. The song is one of our all time favourite Jones tracks and those steel drums gets us everytime. So perfect! Portland based DJ Adam Arola a.k.a Doc Adam lifts them plus several vocal loops and transform them into a summery house party with a deep bassline that will shake that money maker of yours for sure. Download below and enjoy responsibly, we know you wanna go nuts with this one!      


Previously Unreleased: Grace Jones - If You Wanna Be My Lover

Grace Jones released her classic Nightclubbing album in 1981. Last week, some 30 years later, we got treated to a further glimpse into the now legendary Compass Point recording sessions. This as the 2014 remastered Deluxe Edition was released. If You Wanna Be My Lover is a tight and mellow production, the second of two previously unheard songs that were recorded but then abandoned. First taster Me! I Disconnect From You is equally as strong and it is truly an iconic piece of musical art since even the disgarded tracks are incredible. Listen below and read up on the whole project here + listen to the full album! PS. Note that this is a radio edit, the full version is on the album.   


Premiere: Grace Jones - Me! I Disconnect From You (Radio Edit)

The 1981 album Nightclubbing by Grace Jones has become iconic for its Jean-Paul Goude artwork and perfect blend of fire and ice musically. It's also her best seller. It was the second of her legendary Compass Point trilogy and truly cemented her then new look and sound. Up until 1980 Grace was known as a disco artist, but with the harder image came her new wave inspired era propelling her into the stratosphere of true badassness. The whole album is being released on April 28th as a deluxe set in various formats containing 12", b-sides and two until now unreleased tracks from the Bahamas recording sessions. Her Gary Numan and Tubeway Army cover Me! I Disconnect From You has until today been hidden away for over 30 years. Wow! Her version replaces the icy production of the original with a flowing reggae beat and a tweeting bird. If this flawless track was stored away, imagine what else is lurking in the Island Records vaults! The mind races to say the least. This is the radio and the album version will add two more minutes of goodness. If You Wanna Be My Lover is the second previously unreleased track we're gonna get to hear and we cannot wait! Listen below! Thoughts? Until then, listen to the whole '81 released album here.      


Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper (Disconet 1981 Remix)

Grace Jones always puts us in a good mood and makes us wanna hula hoop our ass off so what better than an original 12" mix from 1981 this Saturday? The iconic dirty masterpiece Pull Up To The Bumper got elongated to better suit the dancefloor crowd at places like Studio 54 by Disconet - a company that created monthly promotional-only compilation albums containing re-edits, remixes, and medleys that were geared specifically toward getting club plays. Have a slice of classic 1981 below! Enjoy!