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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016! Click here for all info! 


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Björk - Mutual Core - Video Premiere + Making of

Björk and MOCA just premiered the video to the amazing Mutual Core and we couldn't be more happier with it! Set around a glorious mix of primordial creatures, volcano eruptions and hot blooded emotions it sits perfectly in the Björk universe. The idea of talking in tectonic plates and continents to explain a relationship is pure genius. The force of the eruptions forming a mutual core are indeed similar. The dividing and merging... Also, such a nice reference, as we see it, to All Is Full of Love. Can you spot it, and do you agree? Andrew Thomas Huang directed this, and is also behind the incredible Bastards cover. Watch both the video + making of below! Thoughts?


Björk - Biophilia Remix Series VIII - Full Stream

Björk lovers can look forward to two releases soon! Series 8 (and final) of the Biophilia Remix Series the 12th and the remix album Bastards (artwork pictured) that gathers a quarter of the series the 19th of November. We've been waiting patiently since JULY for the last chapter to drop! And we are soooo excited! UK duo The Slips tweak Moon into an absolute heavenly electronic sky. The added groove and pulse is incredible and we just wanna repeat it all night. London band These New Puritans sample David Fanshawe's famous Solomon Island Songs recordings on Mutual Core; he would persuade local musicians to play for him whilst using his small stereo tape recorder. We love the added depth the sampled voices brings - and it's such a lovely compliment to Björk's vocals. The new music makes us listen to the lyrics in a whole new way. They seem gentler somehow. Less urgency and more mellow reflection about trying to find a common ground. Both are such a treat to be able to add to our collection. Click here for all eight series to stream! Enjoy! 


Björk - Biophilia Remix Series VII - Full Stream

Dubstep duo 16-bit broke up last week disappointing fans all over. Last year they produced Björk's Biophilia lead single Crystalline - as well as Mutual Core and Hollow. For the remix series 7 we get their alternate takes of the latter two. We like the added beats and Mutual almost sounds like an indie disco. Since we're spoiled rotten with innovative remixes now we wish B had given these babies to new people, not the original producers. You can't win 'em all. Stream below and for the rest of the series click here! Enjoy! Only one series left in the next two weeks! 


Björk - Biophilia Remix Series V - Full Stream

Yesterday we traveled in time slightly and posted Series 6 of Björk's Biophilia Remix Series. Fear not! Series 5 is out today and available to stream below! We are so besotted and impressed! The groove in the King Cannibal remix of Thunderbolt is the stuff of dreams, preferably nightmares. We love it! The disharmonies and chilling sounds makes it clear why DJ Mag said this Berlin based DJ is the "modern master of the satanic sub frequency". It's one of our favourite Björk remixes of all time! There you go! Thank you Dylan Richards! We're equally impressed with the Alva Noto Remodel of Dark Matter. It's evident that Carsten Nicolai, the man behind Alva Noto, is an award winning sound artist - performing and creating installations in many of the world's most prestigious spaces including the Guggenheim New York, the San Francisco MoMA, Modern Art Oxford, NTT Tokyo, Tate Modern and Venice Biennale in Italy. Also something worth noting is that he does not use sequencers in his work. What it all boils down to is a passion for music and sounds - so hit those players below! Listen to all the remix series so far and let us know your favourites in the comments below! 

Thunderbolt (King Cannibal Remix) by Björk on Grooveshark

Dark Matter (Alva Noto Remodel) by Björk on Grooveshark


Björk - Biophilia Remix Series VI - Full Stream

OK, so to the best of our knowledge part 5 of Björk's Biophilia remix project is due to be released tomorrow. We however are busy listening to part 6 already since we found it online. Wow. GORGEOUS remixes by Björk's frequent collaborator Matthew Herbert. He's taken the very essence of each track and lifted them to new heights. We are so impressed with all the parts! What a wonderful project to have going over summer. Listen to Sacrifice (Matthew Herbert 'Pins And Needles' Mix), Virus (Matthew Herbert 'Fever' Mix) & Mutual Core (Matthew Herbert's Teutonic Plates Mix) below! ENJOY! For the earlier series head here