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I love VickyWatch!
This blog is so great that I wish I had thought of it first. But now, now we can all read it and enjoy it without having the hassle to read The Sun.
Basically Victoria Newton is the celebrity reporter for The Sun, UK biggest newspaper. When I read her stories (yes they are stories not articles) I am usually amazed that she can get away with just making up things if it's a slow news day or just write complete nonsense that even a dog easily could see are lies and crap. The weird part of this is that she has kept her job for several years and this year she was voted "Showbiz Reporter of the Year" after winning the award earlier this year at the British Press Awards. And she's on £150.000 a year! All for just writing nonsense and lies 5 days a week. Example:

"ROBBIE WILLIAMS’ ex-songwriter GUY CHAMBERS is creating a West End musical. It will be interesting to see if Robbie appears — though he and Guy haven’t spoken since falling out in 2003."

Robbie Williams, speaking at a press conference in Germany in 2005: "Me and Guy are friends again. We speak now and will be working together in the future, you'll all be pleased to hear."

Guy Chambers, speaking in a Guardian interview in May 2005: "Anyway, he continues, "we're talking again now".

I'm so pleased that this blog was set up.
Read, read, read!


Back to black: Playlist for a Sunday


I Must Have That Man - Billie Holiday
One Man Guy - Rufus Wainwright
Body and Soul - Billie Holiday
September Tears - Sophie Zelmani
Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
You Are My Sister - Antony & The Johnsons
The Look Of Love - Dusty Springfield
My Lady Story - Antony & The Johnsons
Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette
The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve
At Last - Etta James
Beauty Mark - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Would I play with my band? - Jenny Wilson


Midget Fight: End of the world


If you thought there was still a way to save ourselves from total meltdown: Watch this and think again.


How do you solve a problem like Mariah?


This wo-man never seize to mesmerize me. The voice that makes you feel suicidal, the hair that makes you cry of anger, the boobs that make you turn gay. But what do we really know about Ms Scarey? Not a lot. When Madonna makes 2 hour long documentaries about herself and goes on Oprah to defend her adoption and Michael Jackson goes out in public and smiles and talks about his children and explains that he's not a kiddy fiddler and has only had 2 operations on his face Mariah is always silent. She never speaks about anything. No boyfriends, no favourite films, no nothings.
We are of course extremely happy that she keeps her trap shut as we are sure her favourite film is Grease 2.
But just look at this picture! It's so nice! She's so nice. Just look at the way she helps the elderly and the poor.
Here we were all wrong about her the whole time. She is not a dumb ass with an ass the size of her bank account. She is a friendly and kind person with a heart of gold.




Living in a large dirty city like London makes you a bit numb I have realized.
Or worse, makes you cold and hard.
Usually I try my best not to let it get to me, but the sad truth is that it probably has effected me in areas I'm not even aware of yet.

A thing like public urination for instance. Eww! Yes. But is so common that I don't even pay attention anymore. And no, I might add that it's not that drunken need-to-go-to-the-bathroom-now type of thing. We are talking about people just whipping out their penises anywhere at any time of the day.Anywhere!

Yesterday I was on my way home from the gym and this guy was taking a leak just next to the sidewalk.

And that brings me to the second thing. Just minutes after this I saw two guys having sex in the street. Because apparently we city folk are so numb that we can't even bother to find a place anymore. The street is our bed. I just reflected that the guys had sex and then just carried on walking next to them. Eww.

The streets lead me to the next thing. Jesus Christ, the city of London is so dirty. Never before in my life have I seen so much food on the streets of any city. A whole fried chicken on the side of the road anyone? And that brings me of course to one of the most hideous things ever. Animals living in London. I used to live in a terrace house and I had foxes going through my rubbish! EWW! And they were so used to getting what they wanted that they didn't even care about getting scared if you tried to do anything about it. Rats everywhere let me tell you. And flying rats, pigeons.
They could be the sole reason not to live in a city. And here they are cannibals. Remember the fried chicken?

People jerking off in the tube. Terrorists who blow up the tube.
London has a great deal to offer, but sometimes I think I'm mad to live here with all that dirt instead of having a country side place and try not to think about how much I love late night shopping with a big cup of skinny decaf soya latte frappuccino in a takeaway cup.
I usually buy my basic black T-shirts in Top Shop and since of last week so does Michael Jackson. Spooky.

Piccadilly Circus 2.jpg