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Living in a large dirty city like London makes you a bit numb I have realized.
Or worse, makes you cold and hard.
Usually I try my best not to let it get to me, but the sad truth is that it probably has effected me in areas I'm not even aware of yet.

A thing like public urination for instance. Eww! Yes. But is so common that I don't even pay attention anymore. And no, I might add that it's not that drunken need-to-go-to-the-bathroom-now type of thing. We are talking about people just whipping out their penises anywhere at any time of the day.Anywhere!

Yesterday I was on my way home from the gym and this guy was taking a leak just next to the sidewalk.

And that brings me to the second thing. Just minutes after this I saw two guys having sex in the street. Because apparently we city folk are so numb that we can't even bother to find a place anymore. The street is our bed. I just reflected that the guys had sex and then just carried on walking next to them. Eww.

The streets lead me to the next thing. Jesus Christ, the city of London is so dirty. Never before in my life have I seen so much food on the streets of any city. A whole fried chicken on the side of the road anyone? And that brings me of course to one of the most hideous things ever. Animals living in London. I used to live in a terrace house and I had foxes going through my rubbish! EWW! And they were so used to getting what they wanted that they didn't even care about getting scared if you tried to do anything about it. Rats everywhere let me tell you. And flying rats, pigeons.
They could be the sole reason not to live in a city. And here they are cannibals. Remember the fried chicken?

People jerking off in the tube. Terrorists who blow up the tube.
London has a great deal to offer, but sometimes I think I'm mad to live here with all that dirt instead of having a country side place and try not to think about how much I love late night shopping with a big cup of skinny decaf soya latte frappuccino in a takeaway cup.
I usually buy my basic black T-shirts in Top Shop and since of last week so does Michael Jackson. Spooky.

Piccadilly Circus 2.jpg


Picture of the day


Tom is one scary motherfucker and Katie just seems like a zombie.
I mean. She was in Dawsons Creek for crying out loud and no one had heard of her since. What are the odds that the ehm straight actor Tom just meets her and falls in love with her? Ok, we confess, we are bit cyncial when it comes to luvvieluv but this is just making us puke. And then having a baby and calling it Suri. What's wrong with people?

But this is so funny! Shh, I'm in labour. Classic!


La fabuleux destin d'Carrie Bradshaw



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a bee?


I L.O.V.E British comedy.

I guess that's quite a common thing.
But being a foreigner living in the UK it's been a real treat to get to know British culture in a totally different way.
Jokes that might not translate to other cultures I now totally get and can spend a whole evening laughing about. I now know what chav culture is and can sympathise with all the Vicky Pollard's living here and having loads of babies from a very young age. The obese women who attend numerous weight loss classes and then go straight to the pub for beer and fish n' chips. The absolutely loaded women who live in Madia Vale / Holland Park and spend their days shopping and getting some work done on their faces. I know because I share the city with them. So when I watch how they are being portrayed I no longer laugh and see them from an outsiders perspective. I now laugh and feel connected to them at the same time. And that is big in my world.

When I saw this clip from the Catherine Tate Show I instantly though of a friend who is gay and from Northern Ireland. He hasn't told his parets and countless brother and sisters that he's gay even though he's been in a relationship for several years. Instead of just laughing at the sketch I saw the darker side in a totally different light. When I moved here I didn't have any friends or a job and lived in a rundown council area and Catherine's clip made me think of all the boys who used play football outside my tiny window or dragging a buggy with a small child even though they were still children themselves.

On a brighter note: Eddie, is it a bee? The classic!


It's better to burn out than fade away


Granny of rock Courtney Love (83) is on the cover of this months issue of POP Magazine. We can't wait to read the interview as she seems to be back on track again. A new face lift and a boyfriend who just left his teens behind him seem to have done wonders for her. She has also reportedly been supporting Whitney to clean up and stay away from crack cocaine. So she seems to get nicer as she gets older.
In one of last months issues of NME she spoke about the loss of Kurt and how her lifestyle has affected her. She poignantly spoke about missing her life living in Seattle with Kurt in a basement apartment just the two of them with their little girl and that she wished that they had spent more time together doing nice things.
We hope that she can stay clean for a while at least and we are planning to read Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love this week.

Some amazing Love in Mono below!