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Today has been a busy one and feeling a bit so so because of the date.
Evil comes in many different shapes and forms as we all know. So whilst I'm sitting here and replying to emails and talking to colleagues I get a phone call that I have to go to New York in just a couple of weeks.
I had been thinking about going for a friends wedding later this year but this was totally unexpected.
What a great way to pay tribute to one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Instead of feeling weird I can plan my trip and meet up with my friends there and have a great time. Just like Ms York likes.





Geek chic is something I have always had a thing for. 'Cause let's face it: It's the geeks from high school that are now setting trends and considered cool. Remember what happened with Sofia Coppola, she was considered ugly and a crap actress 15 years ago and now she's a successful director and uber cool. Also remember David Bowie the skinny singer songwriter with hideous teeth that became Ziggy and set a whole new standard. The same with Yves Saint Laurent, the geekiest man ever but Yves at the age of 21 was put in charge of the effort of saving the Dior house from financial ruin. YES! Tres cool!

Favourites of mine in the geek area is the hot fashion duo Viktor & Rolf.
(Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren pictured above.)
I read an article about them in the new September issue of 'Paper' when I was on a domestic flight in France. When I read that they possibly may have found an antidote for boring fashion fuck-ups I almost poured my coffee in the lap of the guy sitting next to me.
Those of you who are regulars here at Gangster know that I hate a lot of things and boring fashion is high up on that list.
I HATE ugly and baggy jeans on guys just because they are designed not to show the ass and boring outfits on girls that show their tits because their faces are so boring they need to draw attention away from that fact. You know what I'm talking about.
The antidote is spelled V&R!
Their new (and first fragrance for men) ANTIDOTE plays with the classical stereotypes about men and women and creates a fucking great mess.
Classic male scents like sandalwood and white cedar notes will be joined by fresh floral scents usually found in perfumes for women.
How cool is that? A small but important step towards no more guys smelling like old men or having cheap shit like AXE/LYNX around their necks. A small step for mankind perhaps but an oh so important one for us fashionistas with a hate list and a blog.


Read more on the VR website ---->

Paper ----->


Soundtrack of the week part deux (2)


Ok, I confess, sitting in St Germain des Pres sipping café au lait listening to chansons can make the hardest man weak.
This weeks soundtrack 'Little Monsters' from Charlotte Gainsbourg's album is the perfect soundtrack for end of summer and for the start of a busy autumn.
I mean, music by AIR and a whispering voice that belongs to the female version of Serge, but nicer gets my vote. Download on iTunes asap.

Sample her work here.">


But I am not French. I am Parisian.


We are liking people with a fierce attitude and especially people from Paris who live on a diet of fashion, café au lait and cocktails. Of course you'll have an attitude since you probably are malnourished and tired from all those late nights having a heavy outfit hanging off your frail frame.

Who else could better represent this than the cool, suave Carine Roitfeld: uber Parisian and editor for French Vogue.
What can be better than someone that uses her hatred toward things as a boost for finding things one actually likes?

She says to the Telegraph:

Black? 'It's finished.' Leather? 'No good as you get older.' Jewellery? 'I hate watches. I never wear these things.' Thongs? 'Before I love strings. Now I hate strings.' Handbags? 'You can wear a completely transparent shirt and show all the breasts - I don't care. But I prefer to have my hands in my pocket than to have a nice little bag. So I am not good for all these fashions. They have to sell bags, bags, bags, bags, bags, bags. I hate handbags.

You go grrl!!

Personally I'm so sick of women with acrylic hair extensions. Or extensions in general for that matter. It's vial and hideous and makes you look like a fucking life size doll. (Yes, girl in Amsterdam, I'm talking about you.)
Maybe concentrate on getting rid of that enormous ass instead of gluing pieces of shit to your roots? (Not to mention my feelings towards dreadlocks.)

One thing I really hate as well is guys who go to the gym like all the time and then pour their muscles into hideous clothes that are baggy and washed out and ugly. What's up with that? And what's the point in going to the gym at all if you'll ruin the impression on the way to and from? What's that? To make you feel better you say? HA!

In the words of Mme Roitfeld:

'I hate garbage. I try to edit, edit, edit'


Read the whole interview here:


Soundtrack of the week


Of all the things I should've said,
That I never said.
All the things we should've done,
That we never did.
All the things I should've given,
But I didn't.